Weekend 6 (online)

16th – 17th May

At the final weekend, assembly members reviewed the decisions they reached throughout the assembly to ensure they accurately captured their views. The assembly also discussed coronavirus and possible links and considerations for climate change.

Climate Assembly UK reached the final stage of its deliberations at this weekend, as members gathered online for the last time to finalise the recommendations they will present to the six commissioning parliamentary select committees. Assembly members had the opportunity to reflect on the lifestyle changes brought about by the coronavirus outbreak, and the links to the topics the assembly had already discussed including what we buy, how we travel and in the home.

Chris Stark, one of the Assembly’s Expert Leads and Chief Executive of the UK Committee on Climate Change led a session on Saturday afternoon on how coronavirus has affected our lives.

There was also an opportunity for assembly members to reflect on the process and discuss any final considerations they wished to present to Parliament.

Saturday 16th May


Reflections on topics discussed at weekends 2 and 3


Reflections on topics discussed at weekends 4 and 5


Session finishes


Chris Stark, Chief Executive of the Committee on Climate Change and Expert Lead: The coronavirus pandemic and climate action: possible links and considerations livestream


Group discussions on coronavirus


Message of thanks from Mel Stride MP, Chair of the Treasury Select Committee


Session finishes

Sunday 17th May


Final considerations for report


Session finishes