Weekend 4 (online)

18th – 19th April

At the first of three virtual weekend sessions, the whole assembly convened via video conferencing to hear and consider detailed evidence on the topic of where our electricity comes from.

Proceedings on the fourth and final weekend of Climate Assembly UK, due to take place on 20th - 22nd March, were postponed in view of the ongoing coronavirus situation. On the 18th and 19th April, Climate Assembly UK moved online to complete its work. The assembly focused on where our electricity comes from.

A number of speakers addressed the assembly, and then the assembly members had an opportunity to question them in groups. The weekend’s speakers were all informants (they explained the range of views or options that exist on the topic) as opposed to giving their personal opinion. If they deviated from this and gave a personal opinion at any point, they sign-posted this clearly as they were speaking. Read more about how the speakers were selected here.

Saturday 18th April


Introduction to weekend four - new virtual format


Panel - where our electricity comes from livestream

Professor Rebecca Willis, University of Lancaster and one of the Assembly’s Expert Leads, introduction to the panel

Mike Hemsley, Committee on Climate Change: An understanding of renewable sources of energy (informant)

Professor Patricia Thornley, Director, Energy and Bioproducts Research Institute and Supergen Bioenergy Hub, Aston University: Bioenergy role in electricity production and sustainability issues (informant)

Professor Jim Watson, University College London Institute of Sustainable Resources and one of the Assembly’s Expert Leads: Low carbon electricity options (informant)


Close of morning session


Q&A with speakers in groups (13:00-14:15 / 14:30-15:45 / 16:00-17:15)

Sunday 19th April


Small group discussions, followed by voting