The recommendations of Climate Assembly UK are delivered to Parliament to help facilitate the scrutiny work of the six commissioning House of Commons Select Committees.

Covid-19, recovery and the path to net zero

The assembly has published an interim briefing on Covid-19, recovery and the path to net zero, ahead of the final report due in September. The briefing offers a unique insight into how 100+ members of the public, working to give Parliament and Government an understanding of the public’s views on how the UK should reach net zero, feel about the implications of the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdown for reaching net zero.

The results in the interim briefing show that:

  • 79% of assembly members ‘strongly agreed’ or ‘agreed’ that, “Steps taken by the government to help the economy recover should be designed to help achieve net zero”;
  • 93% of assembly members ‘strongly agreed’ or ‘agreed’ that, “As lockdown eases, government, employers and/or others should take steps to encourage lifestyles to change to be more compatible with reaching net zero.”

This interim briefing contains verbatim quotes from individual members and reflects the considerations they felt were most important on these topics. The quotes are not intended to reflect the views of the whole assembly but to shed light on individuals’ thinking and rationale for their choices. The full report, which will be much more detailed, will be delivered in September 2020.

Read the interim briefing here.