Climate Assembly UK nears completion

1 May 2020

Just two instalments of the UK’s Climate Assembly remain as the members move towards completing the work commissioned by six parliamentary committees; to recommend how the UK can meet its legally binding target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.


This weekend, Saturday 2/Sunday 3 May, marks the final batch of presentations and question and answer sessions for the 100+ members. The Assembly will consider the different ways of removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. The Assembly will hear from Chris Stark, Chief Executive of the UK Committee on Climate Change, Douglas Parr, Policy Director at Greenpeace and Bill Spencer on this subject. Read the full agenda here.

As at previous weekends, the speakers’ presentations will be live streamed to the website with slides and transcripts to follow next week. The Q&A sessions, which take place in small groups, will not be livestreamed. Conversations between assembly members have not been live streamed at any of the assembly weekends to ensure they feel able to have full and frank discussions.

All the votes taken by Climate Assembly UK will be conducted by secret ballot. Qualitative analysis of the assembly’s preferences on how to reach net zero by 2050, and the results of the votes, will form a report to be presented to Parliament in the summer.

At the final weekend on 16/17 May, the Assembly will review the work they have completed to ensure their decisions accurately reflect their views. Members will also have the opportunity to discuss anything they wish to add to their report in light of the coronavirus pandemic. This will be their final opportunity to discuss the recommendations they wish to present to Parliament. Until then, assembly members will have no knowledge of the results of votes taken at previous weekends.