Interim briefing on covid-19, recovery and the path to net zero to be published tomorrow

22 Jun 2020

Assembly members want their views on the recovery from Covid-19 to be published ahead of the main report, to inform Parliament and Government’s response to the crisis.

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An interim briefing will be published tomorrow ahead of key government announcements on economic recovery from coronavirus. The Assembly’s findings are also expected to feed into the annual progress report to Parliament by the Committee for Climate Change on 25 June and further debate in Parliament. These findings are being released ahead of the Assembly’s final report, now expected in September.

This is due to the changed timetable for the Assembly’s work, adjusted in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Members met across three weekends from January to March 2020. The final weekend, planned for 20th - 22nd March, was postponed and reorganised online across three weekends in April/May. The delays have also meant that there was not enough time to produce and publish the final report in July whilst doing justice to the depth of consideration that assembly members have given to the question of how to reach net zero and the richness and detail of the views they expressed. As a result, the final report will go into much greater detail about the Assembly Members’ views on the path to net zero.