Climate Assembly UK to publish final report on Thursday 10 September

3 Sep 2020

Following months of learning, discussion and voting, the final report of Climate Assembly UK will soon be published and presented back to the six select committees that commissioned the assembly in June 2019.


The UK-wide citizens assembly on climate change will publish its report The Path to Net Zero on Thursday 10 September with a live-streamed launch event on the homepage of the website beginning at 9am.

The work of Climate Assembly UK is designed to strengthen and support the UK’s parliamentary democracy by ensuring politicians and policy makers have the best possible evidence available to them about public preferences on reaching the net zero target. Parliament will use the report to support its work on scrutinising the Government’s climate change policy and progress on the target.

The report will present a detailed, coherent path to net zero by 2050 covering each topic that the assembly considered:

  • How we travel on land;
  • How we travel by air;
  • In the home;
  • What we eat and how we use the land;
  • What we buy;
  • Where our electricity comes from;
  • Greenhouse gas removals;
  • Covid-19, recovery and the path to net zero.

The report will also include the Assembly members’ underpinning principles for the path to net zero, and any additional recommendations they wished to make to Parliament and government.

A virtual launch event for the report will be live-streamed on the homepage at 9am on Thursday 10 September and will include a speech from the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Alok Sharma MP, thoughts from some Assembly members and responses from the Chairs of the commissioning committees.