Evaluation and research

Evaluation of Climate Assembly UK will provide insight into how assembly members found the experience, how well the weekends’ processes were carried out and how the outcomes of the assembly informed future parliamentary activity and government action.

Who will carry out the evaluation and research?

Two academics – Dr Stephen Elstub from Newcastle University and Professor David Farrell of University College Dublin – will undertake the broad evaluation of Climate Assembly UK. Stephen and David are both specialists in what is known as 'deliberative democracy'. This includes the use of citizens' assemblies as a complement and aid to the work of MPs and other elected representatives.

How will it work?

Following the assembly's weekend sessions, Stephen and David will consider a number of different aspects of Climate Assembly UK to determine how effective it was, and whether there are any key learnings to use in future citizens’ assemblies.

In particular, the evaluation will focus on how assembly members were recruited, how expertise was presented to assembly members, how individuals’ views evolved during the four weekends, and the assembly’s impact on Parliament.

To build on Stephen and David’s work, the Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations (CAST) at Cardiff University will contribute further research on Climate Assembly UK. CAST researchers will examine the information on climate change provided to assembly members and how members engaged with these complex policy areas.