Advisory panel

The Advisory Panel supported the Expert Leads in ensuring that the information provided to Climate Assembly UK was balanced, accurate and comprehensive, and that the assembly was focused on the key decisions facing the UK about how to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

The panel provided feedback on key aspects of the assembly’s design, such as who was invited to speak, what they were asked to cover, and the questions on which assembly members were asked to give their views.

Advisory Panel members were chosen to represent stakeholders with an interest or expertise in the areas of emissions reduction that Climate Assembly UK will examine. The organisations were chosen to make the panel balanced across a broad range of political and ideological standpoints, representing different parts of society (e.g. business, trade unions, NGOs and civil society groups).

An initial list of members was drawn up by a climate change specialist in the Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology (POST) in Summer 2019. The Climate Assembly UK team at Parliament then worked with the Expert Leads to ensure that this group met the above criteria.

Advisory Panel meetings took place on November 7th and December 11th 2019 and 17th February 2020.

The Advisory Panel members are:

Fernanda Balata

New Economics Foundation

Tanisha Beebee

Confederation of British Industry (CBI)

Patrick Begg

National Trust

Allen Creedy

Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)

Audrey Gallacher

Energy UK

Professor Michael Grubb

University College London (UCL) Institute for Sustainable Resources

Eamonn Ives

Centre for Policy Studies

Ann Jones

National Federation of Women’s Institutes

Ceris Jones

National Farmers Union (NFU)

Chaitanya Kumar

Green Alliance

Kirsten Leggatt

2050 Climate Group

Matthew Lesh

Adam Smith Institute

Nick Molho

Aldersgate Group

Luke Murphy

Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR)

Tim Page

Trades Union Congress (TUC)

Doug Parr


Dr Alan Renwick

Constitution Unit, University College London (UCL)

Dhara Vyas

Citizens’ Advice

Rebecca Williams