At each weekend, members of Climate Assembly UK heard from a range of speakers including academics and stakeholders.


To choose the speakers, the Expert Leads began by identifying the key questions on how to get to net zero for each topic the assembly would address and then decided on the range of evidence the assembly would need to hear to ensure members heard a balanced, accurate and comprehensive view of the topic.

The Expert Leads then created a preliminary structure for each topic panel, and a set of suggested speakers based on the advice of members of the Academic Panel. At this stage, the Advisory Panel and the Climate Assembly UK team at Parliament were asked to provide comment. The Expert Leads then used this feedback to revise the panel structures and suggested speakers, as relevant, and then invited the speakers.

Each speaker receives a briefing from the Expert Leads on what areas they should cover in their talk - you can read these on the meetings pages after each weekend. When writing the speakers’ briefings, the Expert Leads took advice from the Advisory Panel.

Informants and advocates

Each speaker had 5-10 minutes to present on a topic that was relevant to the conclusions and recommendations the assembly would reach. Some speakers were asked to be informants and some were advocates:

  • Informants explained the range of views or options that exist on the topic
  • Advocates were asked to present their personal opinion, or the opinion of the organisation they work for.

See the full list of speakers for each weekend on the meetings pages.